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Why choose us? Simple— we’ve designed our classes with you in mind. We believe that concealed carry permits should be accessible to everyone and we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we strive to make the most of your class time, ensuring that you learn the most important information in the most efficient way possible. At Get Smart CCW, we promise to make every class Convenient, Compliant and Comfortable.

Convenient: Obtain your Nebraska Concealed Carry in only six hours, Iowa in three and Utah in one. We know your time is valuable, so we perfected a story-weaving process to thoroughly cover the information you need to feel confident about your decision to carry a concealed weapon.

Compliant: All events are taught by NRA Certified Instructors with State approved curriculum wrapped in an easy-to-follow presentation. Every class includes Public Notary and Photography (when applicable) at no extra cost! Oh and range fees are included as well!

Comfortable: Some may like the feel of boot camp when they take their CCW… but you won’t find that here. Our students repeatedly tell us that they enjoyed knowing they would not be demeaned or depreciated for their level of knowledge. Get Smart CCW operates in a low-stress and non-judgmental atmosphere. Plus, free drinks and snacks are provided at most events. What could be better?

About The Instructor

Bruce Young is a proud Nebraskan (Go Big Red) who owned and operated a farming and ranching business for over forty years. He worked in the personal investment advisory business for almost thirty years.

Having been involved with firearms since he was a youngster, he’s always been knowledgeable and passionate about promoting the SMART handling of personal weapons. He began teaching Concealed Carry classes in 2017 and is dedicated to making concealed carry permits accessible to all demographics.

His methods ensure that all of his students leave informed, responsible and confident with their abilities to conceal, carry and operate their firearms.

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